Deploy bedrock from git repository

Hi Guys,

I have chosen Trellis and Bedrock for my development flow and now I’m looking for an option to deploy my development from git repository to Amazon server. I don’t want to use the trellis directly to deploy my development and I prefer to have an intermediate tool with GUI to do that for us.

I was checking some people suggested Forge, Envoyer and Deploybot, but it has been passed 2 years from the topics and I’m not sure if there are still legit or not or which one is more compatible and better to config.

That would be great if someone who has a guide to make this happens with any tools, shares it here with us.


Why? Why use Trellis then? Trellis deploys are one of the best features in the software & is even used by people not using Trellis for hosting their remote servers

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Well I use the trellis to run my development environment with vagrant and in the other hand I want something easier for product owners so in case something happens and we need to roll back, etc he is able to redeploy the website from the panel by just some clicks, so he doesn’t need to know the CLI commands and can just figure it out by some clicks

Would training them how to revert a PR on Git be a possibility? If so, you could deploy with CI and still allow them to rollback with a GUI

Fair enough, What CI you suggest for doing this?

There are some threads on this forum on using CircleCI. That’s probably a good place to start.

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Thanks @MWDelaney for advise i will take a look.

So in case that we have a cloud service like Cloudways, not a bare server how we can automize the deployment? is there any compatible middleman tool to facilitate the process for us?

If you don’t want to use Trellis, then you can use one of the tools you mentioned in your original post - DeployBot is still a good choice if you want a paid solution

We don’t currently have any published guides/docs on using another service to deploy Bedrock, but as long as you run composer install during the deploy you’ll be fine

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