Deploy to Kinsta with Github Actions and without Trellis


I want to deploy bedrock to Kinsta, however I don’t want to use Trellis as I have Docker based environment and didn’t want to set up only for it’s deployment through ansible’s deploy_helper. I had couple of issues when setting it up on our CI machine - major one was double git cloning with SSH key that had to be registered to both Kinsta & Github.

I’ve ended up with this Github Actions scenario: Kinsta Deployment · GitHub

It’s pretty self explanatory, however I recommend studying it to make sure you don’t miss anything and it suits your scenario.

I’ll want to get rid of .env.<ENVIRONMENT> files in favour of some sort of encrypted vault / secrets to make sure git repository has no passwords, so will update that Gist with news and usage problems


Thank you for your work and sharing it!