Deploying Bedrock with Sage 9 using Deployer (can't get actual URL to show the site or find the release)

Hi, I have created a basic Sage 9 themed site with Bedrock, and usually I deploy with Capistrano, but I am getting lots of errors. So I tried Deployer (, which deploys my site wonderfully. But I can’t get the htaccess settings to actually display my site when I go to I am deploying to a Dreamhost Shared Server (composer was installed).

Here is the ls -lah output of my root directory (/home/my_username/

Oct 29 01:01 .
Oct 29 00:14 ..
Oct 29 01:01 .dep
76 Oct 29 00:59 .htaccess
35 Oct 28 19:46 .well-known
10 Oct 29 01:00 current -> releases/4
46 Oct 29 01:01 releases
39 Oct 29 00:45 shared
27 Oct 29 00:50 web -> /home/my_username/current/web

in /shared, I have my .env file

in the root .htaccess file, I have

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /current/web$1 [L]

which redirects my domain to
with a notice “error establishing domain”, so I am almost there, but missing a step. Any help?

Have you talked w/ your host’s support about this issue? Oftentimes shared hosting will have issues meshing well w/ some of the things bedrock wants to do (i.e. changing the web root, etc).