Deploying to Kinsta with Trellis - SSL configuration

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A quick question for the community, I am currently hosting my trellis/bedrock wp site at Kinsta and using a local dev environment. I have been deploying successfully to the kinsta staging server using trellis but I realize that my configuration might be incomplete as my wordpress address site on staging is not set using https (Altough SSL is enabled from the kinsta admin).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume the setting should be inputed in the trellis > gourp_vars > staging > wordpress_sites.yml file for both staging and prod envs.

Currently I have the following
enabled: false
provider: letsencrypt

To maintain compatibility with Kinsta SSL features, Should I enable it with letsencrypt or manual?

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The ssl config in Trellis won’t affect Kinsta. That setting is for provisioning servers, and Trellis doesn’t provisioning Kinsta, it just deploys to it. If your site doesn’t default to https on Kinsta, I think they have an option to force https which should fix that issue.

Set it to true so that Trellis knows to deploy your .env file with https for your home/site URLs, but like @alwaysblank said this won’t have any affect on actual certs w/ Kinsta since Trellis isn’t used to provision their servers

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Thanks @ben @alwaysblank ! As always, amazed by the reactivity of this support forum.

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