Deploying to Staging or Production

Since the last update to trellis I have had a few issues. I provision the server, deploy my files, and sync the DB and everything works just fine.

Then after making changes to the theme and deploying those I get the WSOD. From there if I rebuild the server, provision, deploy, and sync the DB all the changes are there and working correctly until I do another deployment.

I have searched and not come up with a great solution yet. Has anyone else noticed these issues. Thanks in advance for any help!

Does the WSOD also occur on you local development environment? Errors are turned off on Production, but if there is a blocking error, you’ll see it in development.

I am still working on the site locally with no issues at all. It only happens after the first deployment out on staging.

Could you take a look at the PHP logs and see what, if anything, it’s complaining about? Can you get to /wp/wp-admin and try deactivating plugins or changing themes to see if the problem goes away?

Yes I just rebuilt the server again so I will try that and see what happens.

If I deploy a second time I cannot even get to wp-admin. It show white screen for everything.

As of right now the site is working with a stock theme. I am running another deployment and have all plugins turned off. This is the URL

At this point I think you need to look at the error log on the server.

Ok turns out it was a Woocommerce Ajax plugin causing the issue. Thats my fault not an issue with trellis. Weird though because I am using that same plugin on another site and don’t run into these issues. At least its working though. Thank you for your help

Newer versions of Trellis use PHP 7.3 which has caused issues on a few plugins for me. That might be the difference between your working site and non working site.

That makes sense. Im glad is working now. Thank you again for the help.

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