Deploying without Trellis / Capistrano

I am migrating an existing WordPress site (it used to be developed by just one person and deployed via FTP) to Bedrock. For now, I am only setting up a staging server to make sure everything works as expected. To keep the changes to production to a minimum, I don’t want to go with Trellis for now.

The docs leave a few questions unanswered, so I am asking them here. :slight_smile:

  1. Which steps need to be run on deployment? The docs cover only composer install, but I can’t quite believe that’s it. What happens when I update WordPress (via Composer) or a plugin dependency? Won’t they need to be able to run some migrations or other changes if that’s required for a version update?
  2. Which other steps do the Trellis / Capistrano setups go through on deploy?
  3. What else do I need to take care of when deploying?

Thanks for the great project(s), I’m really enjoying the Composer setup - but it still feels like I am missing something.


That’s actually it for a normal deploy method :slight_smile:

WordPress updates the DB on its own the next time you visit (at least in the admin). The only extra work Trellis does is some necessary hacks to update theme paths in the DB because it uses symlinks.

If you just FTP to the same folder, nothing else is needed.

Hey, thanks for the reply!

Is there any way to take care of the updates immediately - e.g. with WP-CLI?

Sure, you use what Trellis does as an example:

Great to know. Thanks for the feedback and replies to my beginner questions. :wink: