Dev environment running on Hyper-V but unable to login w/ Password or Public Key

After many days, I finally got trellis working out of Ubuntu WSL2 instance and serving out a dev environment that runs on Hyper-v.

However, I have tried the following settings in vagrantfile

config.ssh.username = “vagrant”
config.ssh.password = “vagrant”
config.ssh.insert_key= false

and have set all/security.yaml file to allow passwords!

So, I am able to connect that way; but I was wondering; how would I use SSH keys instead?

I only made the above changes because it would not automatically feed the instance my keys from Github.

Anyone successfully feed a hyper-v instance with ssh public keys?

Is there anyway to include it in the configs.

I already have my github key link in

And it appears this is the deployment Yaml info:

  • name: Add deploy SSH keys
    user: “{{ web_user }}”
    key: “{{ lookup(‘file’, item) }}”
    with_fileglob: ‘public_keys/*.pub’

Is there a manual way to feed the instance a public key before deployment?

Or is via deployment is when the public key is set up?

And if so, how does vagrant ssh work?

Thanks for any info?