Dev up time

On a 2013 macbook air (i5, 8GB) a fresh vagrant up of trellis takes a half hour.
Is this much different for people on a new macbook pro etc?

I read the roots blog post about Valet, however more often than not I need parity.
Playing with the idea of doing a new computer build running Ubuntu, and using LXD. Have tested it out on an old computer, and it sure is quick. I’m wondering if this is a good route to go though, considering it’s not part of the trellis roadmap.

I’m on an older Mac, and usually vagrant up will complete in about 2-5mins. Could you be more specific about how long it takes for you, and which stage takes the most time?

My computer:

  • MacBook Pro (15" Mid 2009)
  • 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 8GB 1067 DDR3
  • Solid State SATA primary HDD.

Yes, the initial provisioning takes some time, since we’re provisioning a fresh Ubuntu install. Since all applications are being downloaded and configured, not only is your computer processing and disk drive speeds a factor, but also your internet download speed plays a large role

Yeah I usually do it on my 2010 macbook, and it seems to take about 20-30 minutes.

I’ve never clocked it when I’ve done it on my i7 iMac, but it seems it might take half the time. Maybe 15-20 minutes.

Right, I mean a fresh one. If it’s already been provisioned before and halted, it’s a negligible amount of time to bring it back up.

@masoninthesis Thanks, that’s good to hear!

Thinking something like an m.2 SSD and an i7 6800k would help decrease time then. Broadband is pretty high already.

Might be silly considering how much time trellis with ansible already saves us, but 10 minutes here and there can really add up.

vagrant up time depends on a few things:

  1. If you’ve downloaded the base box previously
  2. If you have SSL enabled

For the 2nd point, @fullyint just added a feature to skip the longest task if you aren’t using SSL in development (

That task can take around 5 minutes to run so it’s a huge chunk of time gone now.


I’ve been doing SSL through cloudflare (“enabled: false” in trellis) so this is good news thanks @swalkinshaw

diffie-helman can definitely take some time