Development using dist folders?

Hi there

I am super new to using Roots / Bedrock / Sage but got my development environment setup ok. That includes a working Bedrock site and a Sage starter theme.

My question is, should my local development environment be using the files within the dist dir? I ran yarn && yarn build after installing Sage, and it successfully ran the webpack script, creating all of the compiling / minified files; I just assumed that development would not use these and that the original main.js (in this example) would be used? If so, is the only way to view the working site by running yarn build again?

Sorry if this is a newbie question.

Thanks for the help in advance

I’d recommend reading through the Sage documentation, especially this section: You’ll always be using compiled JS whether it’s from yarn build or yarn start. Sage’s JS framework requires compilation to function.

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