DevTools failed to parse SourceMap constant reloading tab in chrome

Has anyone else had an issue with google chrome giving the following error on their main.js file:

DevTools failed to parse SourceMap

and then the google chrome tab reloading?

this is the console log but the page just constantly reloads with the failed to parse sourcemap error:

Turned off sourcemaps in google chrome and still have the refreshes and these errors:

Turning off source maps and clearing cache and rebuilding seems to fix it for now but less than ideal.

By Chrome tab reloading you mean it was stuck in an infinite reloading loop?

I can’t remember if my console error was the same but I was having a similar issue last week in a fresh up to date Roots build. Rebuilding wasn’t fixing it, so I vagrant destroyed, vagrant up and it was fixed. The issue came back shortly after. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I couldn’t find anyone else with a similar issue so I thought it was isolated to me.

I switched to Safari and realized it was working fine. So I developed there for an hour or so, then switched back to Chrome and it was fixed.

Can’t say I understand what caused it and what fixed it unfortunately. :confused:

Thats the one infinite reload loop. Also doesn’t do it in safari maybe a bug in chrome or maybe something with roots am not sure? seems to relate to the javascript file as turning off source map and clearing cache has stopped this