Did anyone installed bedrock on a WordOps server?

Have anyone installed Bedrock project, on a WordOps server, and survived to tell?

The wordpress project files structure and config, of WordOps, make me think that throwing a bedrock project over there, might break. Was wondering if anyone already realized this procedure.


Never used it, but it looks kinda cool, especially if it’s open source. The only thing you really need to do is ensure that you can set the root dir to web/.

I have played with it and gave up. It have caused several issues, therefor I have closed this feature and configured a server menually. Better this way- you know how to control all the features.

The bug that made me give up on wordops, was when the site loaded as file explorer. Wordpress did not know how to process the php. It seemed to me the php-fpm did not know how to communicate with bedrock.

It also tried to download the files when I entered the page.

I has several bizzar bugs, that I decided to give up on it completely. Better this way. made me lots of problems.