Difference between build and build: production

Hello folks, this might be a very simple question but I am a rookie (so apologies if this is a dumb question) . In the sage9 workflow, whats the difference between the commands yarn build and yarn build:production?

And if I am using sage9 without Trellis or Bedrock, whats the correct way to deploy the theme in to production? I have managed to find couple of tutorials but they all work with trellis and bedrock. If somebody can pass me a link much appreciated!

Re: yarn, follow isProduction at:

For theme deployments, a service like http://deploybot.com/, https://buddy.works/, or https://www.springloops.io/ might be what you’re after.

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I thought sage9 documentation is yet to be developed. But found my answer in here. Sorry for the trouble folks! Thanks!