Different base.php for Post-Archive (index.php)

How can i use a different base.php for my post archive? I know how to do it with normale pages. Like base-template-test.php for template-test.php. But how do i do it with my archive?

You need to create base-archive.php and archive.php.

Not working.

I copy contents of base.php into base-archive.php (with a test-h1)

I copy contents of index.php into archive.php

Anything else?

@slobich’s instructions should yield the results you want.

At this point, make sure you’re viewing an actual query that will result in the archive template being used. Click on a post tag or category.

Also make sure that your test h1 is inside the <body> tag!

Yea i checked its still taking index.php and not archive.php. I have selected a page “News” as my posts-site in the general settings dialogue. I guess thats not actually taking archive.php into account? How do i link to an post-archive site? I am confused now…

“Archive” generally refers to a category, tag, author, or date archive. As I said, add a category to your posts and if it’s displayed on the frontend then when clicked it will take you to a page using an archive template.

Okay i got it working via a category archive.

The questions is how can you change the template of the default post-site (thats set via the admin-panel…)?

Ahh, you’re referring to the blog page or home page or your page of posts.

For that you will need to create home.php and base-home.php.

YES! I roughly translated from the german admin panel. Lost in translation i guess…

Thank you!

You’re welcome, glad we got it sorted.