DigitalOcean is compatible with Sage?

I’m buying a DigitalOcean vps for deploying a wordpress+sage site via git. It seems good, but it’s fully compatible with sage/bedrock? There’s something particular to do?

And another side question about Digital ocean: DigitalOcean vps’s are good as definitive hosting or is it just a temporary hosting for show demo sites to clients? I ask for this because a friend tells me that in these day digita ocean goes offline for 6 hours! Also, I found this creepy post

It is, in fact Trellis has an example project already setup on a Digital Ocean droplet:

Not sure what you mean by ‘definitive’. They’re 100% strong enough for hosting popular sites, but obviously you may need to increase the size of your droplet if you plan on a large amount of traffic.

Update: I’ve received that email too. IMHO, on a VPS, particularly a low-cost one like Digital Ocean, things like monitoring and failover are the responsibility of the end user, not the host.

Absolutely nothing wrong with using Digital Ocean for production sites if you’re prepared to manage the server. I have been using Sage/Bedrock on Digital Ocean for a few years now and i’m more than happy with everything :smile:

I also monitor my clients production sites and there has never been any 6 hour downtime.

Many of us on the team didn’t trust DO / didn’t feel comfortable hosting production servers with them for a long time. Digital Ocean has come a long, long way since their early days, and it’s a host that we recommend to almost everyone.

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