Directives printing to screen after log1x/sage-directives update v2.0.3

Hello, we are using the log1x/sage-directives package on a Sage 10 project. After upgrading to Acorn v4, ACF Composer v3.0.23 and sage-directives v2.0.3, some of the directives are printing directly to the screen instead of being parsed into php. The problem isn’t reproducible on my local environment, which is making it even harder to debug. Any idea what might be the cause for this issue? I can provide more info if needed.

try clearing cache with wp acorn optimize:clear – otherwise it’s hard to help with something like this without more info.


@Log1x Thank you. That fixed the problem! I had already tried wp acorn view:clear without any luck and added wp acorn view:cache to the deployment script. Do you think it would be ok for us to add wp acorn optimize:clear to the deployment script or would it be better to just run that command once when we deploy these updates to production?

Instead of clear, do wp acorn optimize on deploy so it cleans up the old and regenerates new cache in one go. :smiley:

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Great thanks. Will give that a try. I really appreciate the help! I somehow missed that command when going through the docs.

For me I have to use wp acorn optimize:clear instead of wp acorn optimize in order to get acorn-prettify Relative URLs to work after deploys?
Does it matter where you add the post-autoload-dump script? In /site or /theme folder?
I have installed acorn etc in my theme folder?

It should be alongside Acorn (which wp acorn acorn:install should do by default) and any packages that use Acorn such as ACF Composer, Poet, Pagi, etc. should be installed alongside Acorn.