Disable BrowserSync Notification

How do you disable the browsersync notification in Sage? Doing it the default way seems to have no effect. Unless I’m putting it in the wrong place.

This should get rid of the Browsersync one, but the Webpack (HMR) one will still show up.

In resources/assets/build/webpack.config.watch.js:

    new BrowserSyncPlugin({
      open: config.open,
      proxyUrl: config.proxyUrl,
      watch: config.watch,
      delay: 500,
+    advanced: {
+      browserSync: {
+        notify: false,
+      },
+    },

The “default way” isn’t the correct way for Sage since it is using @QWp6t’s browsersync-webpack-plugin. Here’s how the options are set:

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Ah so there’s no way to remove all the notifications in the corner?

I thought I remember being able to do it, however, now that I’ve looked into it again, I don’t think I did.

The “Rebuilding…” notification is that only thing you can’t get rid of since it’s hardcoded into the plugin:

If you’re okay with just that and you want to disable the Webpack HMR notification, you can add the follow to advanced:

webpackHotMiddleware: { log: false },

Otherwise, :woman_shrugging:.

You could create an issue for the plugin except I’m not sure if it will really be a priority since Sage is looking to switch to a Laravel Mix workflow.

If it’s the positioning that’s your issue I usually write some CSS targeting the notification to move it to the bottom right.

Top right is pesky when developing a mobile menu…