Discourse - Adding Tags

Hey peeps,

I wanted to suggest adding tags to Discourse - I think it would be a great way to help people sift through the content here, as there’s a large amount of how-to’s, support questions, best practices, etc. all co-mingled since they live within the same category. Adding tags might be a great way to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

What are your thoughts?

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Good idea. I just enabled tags, and by default only users with a trust level of 3 and up are able to add tags to a topic.

Currently that means, other than the Roots team, that only @MWDelaney is able to do so. I’m willing to manually bump certain users from 2 to 3 if they’re wanting to tag. Level 3 requirements (also Discourse defaults):

  • Registed for 100 days
  • 50 days of visits
  • 10 topics replied to in 100 days
  • 25 topics viewed in 100 days
  • 25 posts read in 100 days
  • 200 topics viewed all time
  • 500 posts read all time
  • 30 likes given
  • 20 likes received

Do we want to seed the tags with a short list to get the ball rolling? I just tagged a thread with “sage9” and “blade” but looking at it now it seems kind of tautological.

What’s the goal with tagging? What info will be helpful?

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I’d say within the sage category, being able to tag sage-8 or sage-9 might be helpful, and more broadly having tags like best practice, FAQ, suggestion, etc. would help identify what type of content is being posted - it also allows people to follow/watch tags, so for example I could follow the best practice tag if I wanted and get updated whenever something is tagged as such.

I’d be happy to help with tagging!