Discourse topic reply notifications

I’ve set all the topics I created on this forum to ‘watching’ but I am not receiving email notifications when people reply. I do see the notification icons in the nav bar when I visit the site. I have checked my spam folders etc.

Has the discourse administrator done this deliberately or am I missing a setting?

I’ve always experienced this. I believe the notifications are on a delay to allow for edits, but Discourse also tracks which threads you read so if you read a thread you’re tracking then my guess is that it dequeues tracking notification emails because presumably you don’t need to be notified if you’ve checked back up on the thread.

This isn’t based on any Discourse code knowledge or understanding, just the behavior I’ve experienced.

Same here, I don’t believe I ever received an e-mail notification.
Could also mean I checked the thread very regularly after posting, so it was never necessary to send one.