Disqus on localhost

Ciao, it’s me again!
I’m trying to figure out a couple hiccups I have on my website in localhost with bedrock.

Regarding Disqus I have an annoying issues.
With Disqus enabled everytime I post it returns me

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /Users/carlofrinolli/Documents/nois3/web/nois3/web/app/plugins/disqus-comment-system/disqus.php on line 1240

Is it a known bug or? I’m not a coder, I’m just an hack-ish UX Designer :smile:

Delete the ampersand from line 1240 or try updating to the latest version of the disqus plugin.

Strict standards should only be enabled locally to help ensure your code isn’t using anything deprecated/non-future-proof.

oh I see thanks. That solved the issue!

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