DNS setup for two separate droplets at Digital Ocean

Untill now I have one droplet for staging and production and I would like to change to separate droplets. But I’m a bit confused about DNS configuration. I figure out this configuration, with stage subdomains for each domain:

Production droplet content

Staging droplet content

Is it right?

If yes. How should I setup DNS ?

site-A.net DNS
RECORD A: @ mapped to production-droplet-IP
RECORD A: stage mapped to staging-droplet-IP

Is it right? (so, I don’t need a CNAME record).

Thank you in advance.

Looks correct. They are pointing to different IPs so you wouldn’t use a CNAME.

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All looks good to me :slightly_smiling:

The only thing I would say it that it looks like you’re hosting multiple websites on each droplet which isn’t ideal but it’ll work!

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