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Dockerize Local Bedrock & Sage Development with Lando


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I’ve been pretty obsessed with using Docker for local development lately. I love how fast and lightweight it is and how I can run software versions that I don’t need to have installed locally — avoiding the mess that that can make of your system. Docker is awesome, however, if you’ve ever used Docker, you…


Great Tutorial! …on my new laptop I’ve kept my primary user a standard (non-admin) user which had been causing a number of headaches with my local dev setup using homebrew/valet, but this was the perfect solution!

I just wanted to point out my initial issues in case anyone else were to run into them as well. I was converting a valet site to lando but kept having issues getting lando to start when the wordpress salts included in the .env file. After running lando start i would get:

ERROR: Invalid interpolation format for "environment" option in service "appserver": "8g?[N8=Q>$kxC.LtAL^v)!-#WX{O@U3seuz@;kngc4eK}:@M4MBBOPM}-)q$=!F4"

BUT once I removed the salts and kept ONLY what you had detailed in the tutorial lando started up without any issue!



Thanks for pointing this out. I remember running into this issue when figuring all this out. I’ll update the tutorial to reflect this.


Thanks for this post, this setup looks pretty nice. I’m pretty new to lando and docker. Do you have any idea why running : lando composer install gives me the error Composer could not find a composer.json file in /app. I followed the steps and just created a basic bedrock + sage setup and have the default composer.json in my project root folder.


It seems like you are running lando composer install from web/app directory within Bedrock. Instead, you should run it from the root Bedrock directory since that is where the composer.json file is located.


Looks like I was doing the right thing but I forgot to do a lando rebuild. Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

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