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Does Roots/Bedrock/Sage play nicely with Elementor?

My company wants to build a dashboard, which will require quite a bit of custom development.

I would love to use bedrock/sage, but the company wants some static pages built in Elementor, and we’ll also use Memberpress and other premium plugins.

While I’d prefer to use sage, if this will lead to headaches I’d rather use something simple such as _s to not complicate my life.

Anyone has some experience with this?

What about selling them on the custom drag and drop features you’ll be able to make using ACF Pro? You can build Elementor-like pages while keeping the site sleek and lean. There are some Safe specific plugins that make it work well with ACF. Just my thoughts.

There are definitely folks out there that are using Elementor with both Sage and Bedrock. Let us know if you run into any issues!

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