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Does trellis works with CentOS servers?

Currently my server use CentOS 8 and hosted on Linode, with Windows 10 for the local environment. After browsing all available documentation and article, I came to an assumption Trellis only works with Ubuntu.

My question is does Trellis natively works with CentOS? Or Ubuntu only required for the dev environment?

Thank you.

The deploy system should still work, with some limitations: it just needs ssh and a few tools on the remote server that CentOS probably has. I would start by looking at this guide for Trellis on Kinsta:

The remote provisioning won’t, work, because it does expect Ubuntu. You could spin up local environments, but they’ll be Ubuntu too.

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I prefer only working with CentOS due to heavy modifications and certain features needed.

I don’t use Kinsta though. I will try looking for other options, maybe ?

I wasn’t suggesting you use Kinsta. I was suggesting the Kinsta guide could help you figure out how to deploy to CentOS with Trellis because it explains how to use only the deploy features.

You could theoretically modify Trellis to work with CentOS if CentOS can be managed with ansible: Trellis is largely just a set of ansible roles.

Hello, thank you again for the answer. I’ve decided to use DeployBot instead as the deployment alternative from Trellis.

Definitely not a perfect workflow, but it will take a bit of time for me to find that “sweet spot” of deployment.

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