Double "themes" slug in wp-admin

I integrated kirki framework. But it’s scripts can’t loaded true because of double “themes” slug. So it gives 404 error in console. It looks like this:


It can’t load any scripts because of this problem.

Going by the URL I assume you’re not using Kirki as a plugin? I use it that way and don’t have any issues.
Maybe the way you’ve set it up in your theme has an incorrect path.

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How? Posting code would be helpful to try and debug your issue

Have you looked at

Soy for late response. I have fixed my issue with adding directory for kirki.

function kirki_update_url( $config ) {
    $config['url_path'] = get_template_directory_uri() . '/../app/inc/kirki/';
    return $config;
add_filter( 'kirki/config', 'kirki_update_url' );
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