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Dynamic Import not working when running `yarn build`, but does with `yarn dev`


I have a clean Sage 10 install.
On /wp-content/themes/sage10/resources/scripts/app.js I have a dynamic import import('./test'). When I run yarn dev and check localhost:3000, the test.js module imports just fine.

However, when I run yarn build and check the site. I get the following 404 error:

Uncaught (in promise) ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 5 failed. (error: http://mytestsite.local/5.396f8b.js)

It looks like the module’s path is defaulting to the root folder, rather than the theme’s public directory. The path should be: http://mytestsite.local/wp-content/themes/sage10/public/5.396f8b.js

Is there a bud configuration to fix this? I have only changed the proxy value in bud.config.js. Am I missing something else?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I am having the same issue. Any chunks generated by yarn build have a module path of the current page URL rather than the theme directory. I tried to use setPublicPath which affects the primary js file but doesn’t do anything to the URL of the chunk.


Hey friends, I have been looking into this and am hopeful the next tagged bud release will have it sorted out. Thank you!