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E-signature woocommerce integration


I’m trying to integrate WP-ESign with Bedrock and Sage.

It’s working correctly, but I want to modify some of the ESign template files.

Where do I put them in the Sage theme folder structure?

The file I want to override is installed in web/app/plugins/e-signature/views/documents/.

I tried copying this to sage/resources/views/e-signature/views/documents/, but it’s not picked up.

Help, please!

WP-ESign might not be prepared to work with blade templates.

Have you tried to place your template overrides in sage/resources/e-signature/views/documents/ as plain PHP files (not blade)?

If that doesn’t work, as WP-ESign is a premium plugin, I can’t see how template files are loaded. Do you have a public repo to check how this plugin overrides templates?

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