Enable console.log with eslint

If you need to enable console.log usage without the eslint build yelling at you, this should help you out during development! I know I’m not the only one running into it…

In the rules section towards the bottom of the .eslintrc file, at the end of this line, add "no-console": "off". It should look like this:

"rules": {
    "comma-dangle": ["error", {
      "arrays": "always-multiline",
      "objects": "always-multiline",
      "imports": "always-multiline",
      "exports": "always-multiline",
      "functions": "ignore"
    "no-console": "off"


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I can’t mark the first post as the solution (comeon discourse), so I’m making this the solution lol


Just for reference’s sake since it took me a while to find the aswer for the latest Sage 9 version (the above doesn’t do the trick): Console Log Sage 9 eslint

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Thanks for posing back!