ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION - Unable to test install

I’m brand new to Roots - so I went through the roots example project. It looks as if everything is working correctly and I successfully install after the “vagrant up” command.

==> default: Machine ‘default’ has a post vagrant up message. This is a message
==> default: from the creator of the Vagrantfile, and not from Vagrant itself:
==> default:
==> default: Your Trellis Vagrant box is ready to use!
==> default: * Composer and WP-CLI commands need to be run on the virtual machine
==> default: for any post-provision modifications.
==> default: * You can SSH into the machine with vagrant ssh.
==> default: * Then navigate to your WordPress sites at /srv/www
==> default: or to your Trellis files at /home/vagrant/trellis

However - when navigating to on chrome I end up with:

This site can’t be reached

This site on the company, organization or school intranet has the same URL as an external website.

Try contacting your system administrator.

I am however, able to successfully navigate to a fresh wordpress install @ on my local machine - so I’m confused. Do I have something misconfigured? The virtual box is running as well. Sorry if this is a noob question!

Were either of these sites using HTTPS/SSL?