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Error: Can't resolve images/stylesheet (Sage 9.0.10)

After fresh install of Sage 9.0.10 and run yarn && yarn build i get followoing errors:

Module build failed: ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './images/icons/facebook.svg' in '/Users/user/web/project/'

Basically it does not load images and fonts from css like:

.icon-facebook {
  background-image: url("../images/icons/facebook.svg");

.icon-instagram {
  background-image: url("../images/icons/instagram.svg");

What did i wrong? How can i resolve relative media paths? Is there a bug in the brand new sage version?

Sage: 9.0.10
Tailwind: ^2.0.1
Yarn: 1.22.4
Node: 14.15.1

Actually it doesn’t load the css properly. But when i open in browser, there is a style path to dist folder:

Why is the right path showing in the DOM but no styles are interpreted?

I’m having the same problem with sage 9.0.10
Running on Node: 12.14.1