ERROR! 'check_mode' is not a valid attribute for a Task

This may not affect others as I’m seeing the above error when trying to provision a dev server for my non-standard LXD based approach. I just thought I should let you know, just in case.

I fixed the issue by undoing the changes introduced in:

It may be something to do with the fact that I’m using trellis to provision an LXD container, I can’t tell.

Okay, I think this error was caused by running an older version of ansible, please delete!


Thanks for reporting this @treb0r. I think it will be helpful for people to find this if they haven’t updated their Ansible. Trellis as of February 12, 2017, began requiring Ansible 2.2 or newer.

Unfortunately this new check_mode parameter appears in the few tasks that run before Trellis validates Ansible version as 2.2+. I’m considering options for validating Ansible version earlier in the playbook.

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Okay, no problem, thanks @fullyint