Error running yarn start

I’ve been using Sage for a while and finally jumped into trying Sage 9.

The one problem i’m having with my install is i’m not able to run yarn commands, beyond the initial “yarn run build”.

Whenever i try to run “yarn run start” or “yarn run build:production” i get the errors:

yarn run v1.3.2
error Command "start" not found.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

I am new to yarn but i installed it as it says on the website and i have version 1.3.2 (latest as of this post).

When i run “yarn run build” it seems to work. But the other commands don’t exist…

Did i miss a step somewhere in the theme installation that says how to install those parts?
Do i need to manually add the ‘start’ and ‘build:production’ to the package.json scripts area??

Any suggestions would be great!!

Are you running your yarn commands from inside your theme directory?

Did you check your local php version? If you are not running php 7 the install will pull Roots/Sage 8.6 down instead of Roots 9 automatically.