Error: Sage 10/Bud jQuery Match Height

I’m running into a JavaScript error when adding the following library to my project Sage 10 project. I have used the library on countless Sage 9 projects without issue.

The error comes down to “require” being undefined on the following line…

I’m wondering whether this would be an issue with Bud or the jQuery Match Height plugin. I didn’t see anything related in the docs or GitHub issues.

I’m using Sage 10.1.2

This isn’t an answer to the bug, but is there a reason why you’re using jQuery?

That plugin hasn’t been updated since 2018. It doesn’t seem reasonable to expect that to work with modern JS tooling.

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I mainly use jQuery for 3rd party plugins that require it. Our medical-related projects still require IE support, unfortunately, so I often prefer libraries that can work in that context as well.

If you can create a reduced test case with all the relevant details (such as any changes made to your Bud config) then please report this as a bug on the Bud repo

Hey @christianmagill I’m pretty sure I know exactly what’s going on with your build.

You should be able to fix it with this addition to your bud config:

app.hooks.on("build.module.noParse", undefined);

I would argue that the this plugin isn’t exactly being a team player but if this build error ends up being commonplace enough I’ll modify bud defaults to be more conservative.



That worked like a charm.

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