Errors when compiling less

I’ve been having trouble since the latest update to roots when trying to compile and work with the less files. It doesn’t seem to matter if I use simpless or winless but either way it doesn’t work I get an error for almost every less file. I’m just really confused not sure why this has stopped working :frowning:

What’s the error? What version of WinLess are you using (it’s likely that their bundled LESS compiler is out of date)?

Also, why aren’t you using Grunt?

I have the latest version of the compilers that’s one of the first things I checked. I just getting various syntax errors appearing from the roots files while trying to compile them. As for why I’m not using Grunt, that’s a very good question, I’m new to using LESS in general so I’ll get and watch the video you did on using Grunt with Roots. Sorry I think I’m a bit ignorant, last time I used roots it was still just css.

Thanks for the response.

Hey just wanted say I watched the video you made on using Grunt and now I’ve got everything setup and running perfectly. Using grunt was a lot easier then the roundabout way I was trying to do it before. Thanks

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