Estamos buscando un desarrollador de WordPress con experiencia en Sage 9

Hola, WePropagate esta buscando un desarrollador de WordPress con experiencia en Sage 9, git, Bitbucket, Jira, CI/CD, entre otros. Estamos buscando alguien que tenga una disponibilidad de por lo menos 25 horas a la semana, y que pueda mantener una conversación fluida en Inglés.

Si tienes interes por esta posición, por favor completa la aplicación en


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If Google Translate is working good and I understood you properly then I would like to offer you our services. If you are interested I can send more details via DM :wink:

Hello @owi, thank you for reaching out! We are looking for someone that speaks Spanish & English, if so, please feel free to submit your application here


Ahhh then unfortunately no :wink:

I’m reaching out through PM! thank you again.

¿Hay que aplicar en castellano o inglés?

Hola @aitor , puedes aplicar en español, gracias!

I’m quite interested in what you guys have to offer. This is almost exactly my niche… Sage, WP, Git, etc., but I run a small web business in Australia (maybe similar size to you guys?). I don’t currently have a resume and cover letter, but we can be found here: - I especially love the Spanish speaking side of things. I won’t waste your time if you’re looking specifically for a freelance, but I’d be interested to chat -

FYI - I started writing this in Spanish but my autocorrect kept changing words to English, but I’m happy to chat in either language.

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