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Execute javascript when NOT in a certain route


What is the best way to execute some javascript when NOT on a specific page? I have this case where some JS should be executed on all pages except for the homepage.

Perhaps I could check in the common.js file whether I’m in the homepage?
if( window.location.href === '') doesn’t really seem like a good practice…


Put your function in the finalize method on common, but have it check for a “don’t run” variable before running. Then set that variable in the init method on any route where you don’t want it run.


If you wanted to centralize things, you could also check the body classes rather than a variable set in the init methods:

const blacklist = ['home', 'single-post'];
const bodyClasses = Array.from(document.body.classList);

if (!bodyClasses.some(bodyClass => blacklist.includes(bodyClass))) {
  console.log('not on home or single post');