Existing Sage Website Without Bedrock.. can I install Bedrock post launch?


The company I work with uses Sage. Looking at the file structure. It looks like Bedrock was not installed.

Just out of curiosity, can Bedrock be installed to an established website? It would probably mess everything up?

Just wondering - thanks!

Yes, this can definitely be done without messing everything up.

When I have done this, I have treated it as a new project in my local dev environment, manually copied the theme over, imported the database, and added all of the plugins to composer. Then I deploy the new project and change the server’s root directory to the path required by bedrock. I can’t recall how much search and replace was required, but I’m sure it varies based on your theme configuration and plugins.

@MWDelaney created a nice looking script to handle this exact situation. This also seems like a good starting point for trying this out. GitHub - MWDelaney/lithify: WordPress plugin that adds a WP-CLI command to convert a traditional WordPress site into a Bedrock-style WordPress installation.


Perfect! This is very helpful. Thank you!