Experience with managing/offering related services (email etc)

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone has experience with managing related services such as a client wanting email on the same domain as the Trellis server, or hosting of services related to their business such as nextcloud or a CRM (on separate subdomains).

I’m interested in being able to integrate a Trellis server and several non-Trellis servers into an admin panel.

So far I’ve managed this by hand, manually creating DNS records and SSL certificates for main site, service 1, service 2, etc. I’ve also set up client mail by hand.

Is there a way to integrate a Trellis provisioned server with one of the cloud panels (for example, HestiaCP, cyberpanel)? It seems like these panels want to take full ownership of a site but I don’t want them to touch the Trellis server, only services on subdomains.

Any ideas how to do that efficiently?