Experience with Tailwind?

I see a lot of talk about Tailwind and I’m wondering what are your experiences with using it in general.

Are there types of projects it is better suited for, and others where you would steer away?

How long did it take you to get comfortable with it?

I really like Tailwind but so far I’m having a terrible amount of trouble with it in Sage even after following all the docs I can find. Live reloading doesn’t work at all for CSS/JS changes (Blade changes are still fine), I have to constantly restart the start process in order to see CSS/JS changes.

The framework itself is great, and there’s a very good chance I just messed something up, but it’s slower than it should be right now for me.

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I just booted up a new project to give Tailwind a try and yeah it appears to be busted and not rendering the files correctly.

I’m running Tailwind in Sage without problems at all. Followed this tutorial and everything worked fine. I have been developing a new Sage site during the past few months and my experience with Tailwind so far is so good.

The HTML markup can be a bit messy as all the classes are in there, but the CSS files are so much tidy. And if you have different elements with the same classes you can use @apply in a scss file and apply all these classes at once to keep your HTML shorter.


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