Exposing your Bedrock-Ansible dev setup with ngrok

I think this came up somewhere else on the boards, so I hope this is appropriate. I just wrote a short tutorial explaining how to integrate ansible-ngrok into their bedrock-ansible setup, which allows you to test webhooks as well as show your website to a client without setting up a staging server, just by exposing your development environment to the internet:

Would love to know if this works for others or if you have any questions.


This is awesome, thanks. I’ve used ngrok before but never through Ansible.

I was going to suggest you publish your role to Ansible Galaxy to avoid people cloning it within another cloned repo (which is likely). But I found one already exists: https://github.com/Elao/ansible-role-ngrok

It may be suitable to use.

I saw that; it wasn’t as complete as would be useful. The one that I built was forked, and I just added token support, but it wasn’t registered to Galaxy. I just put it up here; I’ll have to update the tutorial to use it from there.

Thanks for the tip.

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I updated this now that we have a requirements.yml in bedrock-ansible to use the Galaxy role I published.

Hii @mAAdhaTTah

could you update this to work with ngrok 2.0+, as I saw that version 1.7 is used and it keeps saying ‘reconnecting’

I’ll take a look at it if I have time, but I haven’t used ngrok in a bit. If you want, the code is available here. I’d be happy to accept a PR to upgrade it and publish a new version.