Extremely Alpha: Lithify --convert your traditional WordPress site to Bedrock

:rock: Lithify for WordPress and Bedrock

Lithify is a WordPress plugin that adds a WP-CLI command to convert a traditional WordPress site into a Bedrock-style WordPress installation.

This is an extremely alpha release, and likely to go through several revisions during development. The basic idea is to simplify the conversion of traditional WordPress installations to Bedrock.

Lithify simplifies the following:

  1. Search/replace the wp-content path in the database
  2. Generate a Composer command to require the site’s plugins, themes, and mu-plugins in Bedrock

Installation and Usage

To use Lithify, first you need to create a new Bedrock site and initialize it with Git.

  1. Create a new Trellis site and initialize a new Git repository:

    $ mkdir example.com && cd example.com && trellis new . && git init
  2. Update Trellis PHP version to match the version of PHP used by your WordPress site. For example, if your WordPress site is running PHP 7.4, update trellis/group_vars/all/main.yml:

    php_version: "7.4"
  3. Update Bedrock WordPress version to match the version of WordPress used by your WordPress site. For example, if your WordPress site is running WordPress 5.2.2, update site/composer.json:

    "roots/wordpress": "^5.2.2",
  4. Update Bedrock PHP version to match the version from step 2:

    "php": ">=7.4",
  5. Copy your WordPress plugins, themes, mu-plugin, and uploads directories into the Bedrock site/web/app directory.

  6. Add Lithify as a dependency to Bedrock:

    $ composer require mwdelaney/lithify
  7. SSH to your development server and navigate to the Bedrock directory:

    $ trellis ssh development
    $ cd /srv/www/example.com/current
  8. Import your WordPress database:

    $ wp db import example.sql
  9. Activate Lithify:

    $ wp plugin activate lithify
  10. Run the lithify command and follow the prompts to lithify your site:

    $ wp lithify