Favorite WordPress Plugins and Utilities

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I asked Brandon Nifong, Mike Spainhower, Craig, Evan Mattson, Nathan Knowler, and Matt Mirus for their recommendations on WordPress plugins and any relevant Composer packages they use on their sites. Here’s what our list of most frequently used WordPress plugins looks like! Free WordPress plugins Better Search Replace for performing a search/replace on the database…


This is great. We use a few of these ourselves. Is there more to come in the Paid and Utilities sections?

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Got any recommendations?

Only two!

WPAllImport is free, but has a paid version that offers more ACF field support. I found this plugin crucial for migrations from Joomla, Drupal, or custom dbs to WordPress (and as Drupal winds down I expect to see more such migrations).

We use the paid Yoast SEO Premium as well, but it’s a love/hate thing and I’m definitely going to look at The SEO Framework as a replacement.

In the free category I’m pretty fond of Schema, especially for complex Schemas generation, though I see The SEO Framework handles schemas as well.

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I first tried this free plugin last week and so far I really like it. They have a pro version as well.

It allows you to create an ACF field group for front-end forms with the option to save the entries as a CPT and easily display them on the front-end.

The Disable Comments has a must-use plugin version. You can forget WordPress ever had comments and it’s one less click to activate! :slight_smile:

composer require solarissmoke/disable-comments-mu


The plugin listed in blog post, Safe Redirect Manager, has caused a bunch of headaches over here slowing down site load time locally and conflicting with some parts of ACF and ACF components from awesomeacf.com

FWIW I have been using Safe Redirect Manager for over 5 years, on sites that pretty much all have ACF installed, and have never experienced what you’re describing.

Please report issues to the relevant places so that something can get fixed/prevent whatever you’re running into!

You mention FacetWP on this post but I haven’t found details on installing it via Composer.

Hi! I check this useful article a lot from time to time, but now I am unable to as it always redirect to this discussion which doesn’t list the plugins themselves.

You can take a look in the wayback machine here.