Fewbricks, a modular ACF extension

I hope that it’s ok to plug my own (free) ACF extension here. Feel free to delete this if not.

First of all: thank you to the Roots team for creating Sage and Bedrock. It has totally changed the way I work with WordPress but also how I do non-wp-related projects.

I have created Fewbricks which is an extension to Advanced Custom Fields that allow you to create modules and field groups by writing OO code instead of using ACFs GUI for creating field groups. The main advantage of this is that you can easily re-use bricks (modules) in multiple field groups but even use a brick inside another brick.

Imagine that you have a button that you need in multiple field groups. Using ACFs GUI you would have to create that button with all its fields in multiple places. Now, if you need to add functionality to the button, you would have to locate all those places and add new fields. With Fewbricks, you just add the new fields in one file holding a class probably named “button” and the changes are visible to all instances where the button class is used. You could even include the button brick in another brick or extend the button class to create an advanced button. Each brick class is also responsible for its HTML making it easy to find what you are looking for and you get a quick overview of which fields are available for output.

Fewbricks comes with Composer support so it will fit right in if you are using Bedrock/Trellis. It can of course be installed manually as well.

The above is just a small example of what Fewbricks can do so if that sounds interesting, there’s more to read at https://github.com/folbert/fewbricks .

Thank you.


This seems neat. I’ve used Hube2’s Reusable Field Groups for this kind of thing, but working in the GUI can be a blessing and a curse. I’ll give your plugin a shot the next time I build some ACF fields!

Going to use fewbricks for my next project as i like the use of fields outside database/json and the documentation is extensive for this which is great. Hubes plugin is fine but acfs import/export etc. don’t always play the best way.