First sage website! 8.5/9 hybrid - love it! super fast and great to work with

Hopefully it’s okay to post this here? Have been playing with sage for a bit now and really like it!

I first tried using version 9 but couldn’t get the setup right and didn’t quite understand everything. The documentation for 8.5 at the time was really great though and everything made a lot of sense with how the code worked, so I installed that.

But in looking at the differences, I really liked how 9 organizes the src and template directories - so I replaced those bits in 8.5 with, what I believe, was 9 alpha 4 at the time (I don’t have any of the blade stuff). I know, I’m probably nuts - but that setup super makes sense to me, it’s so easy for me to develop on and has been working great.

I also pulled out bootstrap and replaced it with UIKIt, which I’d been wanting to try (although didn’t actually really use with my first website)

Anyway - I might be nuts and have issues trying to get updates, but I really like it. So thank you to the developers and everyone who contributes to it and answers questions here on the forums!!

I did use Beaver Builder’s page builder with it, which is maybe bloating it a bit more than it needs - but it makes design/dev so much faster - and the site is still super fast and gets A’s for PageSpeed and YSlow - YaY! All thanks to sage:

Thanks everyone!


We always encourage people to customize Sage as they see fit so good job making it work for you :slight_smile:

That’s the most important thing anyway since you’re the one developing on it.


Yeah it was terrific for that! This was my first starter theme I’ve used because I had issues with every other one I’ve looked at. I guess I’m a bit of a control freak with my code, but this has been pretty much perfect :slight_smile:

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Can you please share your implementation for this customization? I’m also looking to integrate Sage9 flow minus blade. Not because Blade is bad, but I don’t have much time to learn it.

It would be great to see how others are implementing such customization.

PS: I know some would say that Blade is easy to learn, but putting stuff you’re just experimenting with/are beginner with in production environment is simply not my thing.

You can rename your .blade.php files to just .php and work with regular PHP.

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sorry to pull up this old thread, but can you tell me if you got the uikit icons working?
I’ve started with sage couple of days ago and got so far but now I’m stuck because uikit icons won’t work, all other elements are working fine, sliders, accordion etc…
I have searched a lot, even possibility of uikit problem but got to a conclusion that somehow icon images are not being included. They are svg and mostly controlled by JavaScript so can’t really go further.

Did you get images folder in your dist folder after build?