Flexslider asset not showing up on homepage

Hello Roots community,

I apologize if this is being posted in the incorrect area, honestly I’m a little confused by the categories.

If you are able to help, here is my issue.

I have a WP website that uses the AdamRoots theme. I did not build this page, I simply maintain it, and the person who built the site does not work here anymore. On my homepage I have a small slider that displays promotions or offers from our company. It’s a simple slider that customers have to click to progress through, and when the image itself is clicked it navigates them to a new page, or pops up an image for them to browse. The images are displayed using NextGen Gallery, but as far as I can tell the actual slider feature comes from the theme. Last week I was having issues with sort orders for one of my NGG galleries, so I updated that plugin. Since I’ve done the update my homepage slider does not appear.

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the intricacies of WP, so I don’t really know where to begin troubleshooting, here’s what I have done:
-I tried to revert back to before updating NGG - unable to
-I double checked my homepage slider gallery to ensure it was still in tact and had all the necessary information - it does
-I loaded my homepage, right clicked, “view page source”, I found some coding refering to the homepage slider.
-I reached out to the NGG community to see if the issue was with their plugin. After showing them some source coding from the website they noticed it was an issue with flexslider and javascript, not NGG.
-I looked into my WP to see if I could fix the Flexslider plugin - don’t have one installed
-I re-read the source coding for my homepage and realized the flexslider plugin was an AdamRoots asset.

That is as far as I have gotten with this. I am new to Wordpress, and most of this code is gibberish to me. I’m reaching out to you guys because I don’t really know where to begin. Any help is appreciated.