Forgot admin password (development), how to reset?

Well, I’m not a professional, so please forgive me this question.

I am using trellis/bedrock/sage and the ansible vault. I forgot the password the admin section on the development stage, the email reset does not work yet. How can I see and/or reset/change the admin password? I tried to looked into some files but they are all encrypted.

Thank you for your help

Use wp cli to change account password:

$ vagrant ssh

# within the vagrant vm
$ cd /path/to/bedrock

# check your user ID / username
$ wp user list

$ wp user update 123 --user_pass=your-password



Thank you very much! I am having a problem with step 2. How to refer to the site from within vagrant vm? I have installed bedrock in the standard way. When I just try to cd to my site as I usually do (starting with ~), it says “no such file or directory”.

In Trellis your sites are located at:


Thank you very much, both of you, for the quick help. It worked now!

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