Fresh Install Sage 9 not loading Bootstrap / assets

As per Sage 9 documentation:
I run:

  1. composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name
  2. yarn (on theme folder)

was able to compile assets (yarn build and yarn build:production)

but on frontend, everything is plain and only loads reboot.scss

it compiles assets I made from styles/layouts and I see them on dist/styles/main.css

frontend source code

Please also show your main.scss contents.


@import "common/variables";

/** Import everything from autoload */
@import "./autoload/**/*";

 * Import npm dependencies
 * Prefix your imports with `~` to grab from node_modules/
 * @see
// @import "~some-node-module";
@import "~slick-carousel/slick/slick";
@import "~simplebar/dist/simplebar.min.css";

/** Import theme styles */
@import "common/global";
@import "components/buttons";
@import "components/comments";
@import "components/forms";
@import "components/wp-classes";
@import "layouts/header";
@import "layouts/sidebar";
@import "layouts/footer";
@import "layouts/pages";
@import "layouts/posts";
@import "layouts/tinymce";


import "~bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";

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