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Fresh Sage install and Bootstrap is not loading up

So I did the normal install composer install -> /vendor/bin sage meta, config, preset (I am using windows so that’s why I had to execute those)… but then when loading the new site, II still don’t see any bootstrap loading up. I tried adding a '<h1 class="display-1" >' on the 404 page to see if it loaded bootstrap but it didn’ the main.css file is completely empty. Any idea why could this be happening?

I’m having the same issue. I’m new to Sage so still feeling my way around a bit.

  • Fresh install in trellis with bedrock, following the documentation.
  • Install Sage in the app/themes directory, cd into that directory and run yarn && yarn build. No bootstrap styles coming up on local site.
  • run yarn start and still no bootstrap styles loaded.
  • Tried adding just the standard bootstrap.min.css cdn link in the head.blade.php (I know this is not recommended but was trying to troubleshoot) and then bootstrap styles load fine.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks All.

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