Front end it but! It kill some tags as does the WYSIWYG

Can anyone help? Really like the idea of customers being able edit the text on the front of the site using but this, as does the normal WYSIWYG editor kill’s, edits or removed my tags and html code. This then screws that page up. Does any have a solution for this?

This isn’t Roots related. You can disable wpautop (but you shouldn’t) or you can implement custom meta boxes/fields to store data that you can output with whatever markup you’d like in your template files.

Cheers for the help ben

H Ben, Have taken your advice and start using custom fields and post type…will never look back thanks. Still having issue with the front-end editor. This would be great for customers but I think the plugin developer has give up on it. Is this something you’ve done in the past or presently do for your customers? Or do get them to use the WP admin and if so do you customise it to be a bit more user friendly? Cheers neil

Take a look at