Front page design - will pay for help!

I’d love to pay anyone (generously) here who can do this for me as it’s way over my head. One, big featured post on top, with a thumbnail grid below with posts from each category. Responsive.

Here’s a quick wireframe mockup:

You’re looking for someone to design and develop your homepage?

@kalenjohnson I already have the site designed so-to-speak, but I just need the homepage, category and author pages developed to display the content differently (as shown in the wireframe).

I hope that makes sense?

@syntraclick It would be my pleasure to help you with this. Let’s discuss over email: tamara[at]

If you could please send me a link to a live version of the theme or a screenshot it is not hosted anywhere yet. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just wondering whether it might be a good idea to have a section of the Roots website to allow people to list jobs and people offering services - kind of like a Roots Specialists section?

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe it can be a special category on the Discourse forums (which I am in love with)

Yeah - I think these posts should probably be separate from the help posts.
What do you think Ben?

Can’t do Discourse since it’s a flat forum but we are interested in doing this (it isn’t the highest priority right now). The Roots survey we setup the other month was primarily used to figure out how many people would be interested in being listed as ‘specialists’ and we got a good amount of replies

If you’d be interested in getting on that list, please fill out

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Job is still available if anyone’s interested

Hi Ben,
i’m interested in Roots theme for Word Press but my knowledge about the subjects are some what are limited. However, i find it a very interested frame work for WP.
Personally, i used GNU/Linux for the past 3 years inclusively. As such, i guess what the technology which can be used for the advanced of human race in any form should be carried forward
i’m indebted of your work for your Roots theme framework
I would say we are as human being are precious as nothing can compare as $
should you need some help. Let’s me know

Please disregarding my previous post. i’m apologized for a quick post without reading the subject carefully. i’m a bit confused by the discourse forum analogy.