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I’m new here! How do I define a header.php file specific only to the homepage? I tried renaming header.php to front-header.php but it would not get displayed .

I’m reading about Extending Templates.

Thank you.

You need to call the template:


For example I called the template “home-header”



I created a file base-front-page.php with empty content just to test if it works. I refreshed the page and i’m still getting contents.

Thank you.

Where did you put it? An empty base-front-page.php should definitely show no content on your home.
Base templates need to be in theme root. Just checking you didn’t put it in your templates folder.


I put it in the base of the theme folder.

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Thank you.

For now,

I edited base.php with:

get_template_part(is_home() ? 'templates/header-home' : 'templates/header');

That works. I don’t know why it’s not reading your base-front-page template. Sorry.

You would need a front-page.php file to exist before base-front-page.php would work.

I would just go with adding a conditional to the normal header template in templates/header.php

<?php if (is_front_page()) : ?>
    Front page header
<?php else: ?>
    Default header
<?php endif; ?>
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You need to copy:
copy base.php to base-front-page.php
then create a empty front-page.php
a front-header.php in /templates
In base-front-page.php change get_template_part(‘templates/home-header’); to get_template_part(‘templates/front-header’);

With <?php if (is_front_page()) : ?> is too messy, but it works too for a small website.

Oh, that’s it! I just needed a front-page.php file. Thanks!

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